Feeling Funny: Episode 4 with Myq Kaplan (Letterman, Conan, Last Comic Standing)let

The fourth episode of the Feeling Funny podcast is with the brilliant comedian Myq Kaplan. Jesse picks Myq’s brain about various topics including relationships, bar mitzvah dancing and glass blowing.

Check out his netflix special, “Myq Kaplan: Small Dork and Handsome”www.netflix.com/WiMovie/70298205.

Executive Producer: Lee Eigner

Way Back Wednesday: Jesse at New York CC 7/19/14

This set was from way back in July of 2014. I liked to call those times the good ole days of comedy. You will see that I ask the audience during my set if there was anyone from the middle east in the crowd. I actually new someone from Israel in the crowd but he didn’t say anything when i asked. I rolled with the punches though and it all worked out.

TV Debut: Good Day New York 10/13/14

Here is my television debut on Good Day New York. I wore my classic bar-mitzvah dancer vneck, which revealed a little too much chest hair.

It was an incredible experience. I was able to speak to Greg Kelly, Tommy Davidson and Jason Reitman off camera, and they all provided valuable guidance.